MedOne is a state-of-the-art multimedia platform, perfect for students, residents and experienced specialists alike.

MedOne: Your e-learning library

MedOne is designed to give you a destination for clinical education and reference, which is essential to develop and refine clinical skills. Established practitioners can stay informed of the latest research and master complex procedures, while residents can review essentials, prepare for boards, and strengthen skills.

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Thieme's Aesthetic Content

Thieme’s aesthetic content is made available on ISAPS MedOne first - before the books are even printed. The content is constantly growing, with new books, new masters, procedures, videos and images being added.

The ISAPS MedOne library includes:

ISAPS MedOne is our exclusive, constantly growing online library of books and videos, only accessible to ISAPS Resident Premium, Associate Premium, Associate Business, Active Business and Active First-class members.

ISAPS MedOne is our gateway to an outstanding collection of aesthetic plastic surgical online content, developed in partnership with the renowned medical publisher, Thieme.
ISAPS MedOne features:

  • A fully searchable database of 185 best-selling e-books written by top surgeons (worth a total value of more than $17,000)
  • Step-by-step details for reconstructive and aesthetic procedures
  • 1,762 teaching videos by master class surgeons
  • Premier journal content with search results by PubMed
  • Training center Q&A to assess subject knowledge