Renewing your Membership

We encourage all members to renew their membership as early as possible. 

The ISAPS membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December.

After 1 October every year, paying ISAPS members are invited to renew their membership. ISAPS members can renew their membership from any time from 1 October to 30 September the following year.

We encourage all members to renew their membership as early as possible. Your membership will always expire on 31 December, so there is no cost advantage in delaying your membership renewal: if you renew your membership on 1 June, it will still expire on 31 December, so you could lose out on months of valuable membership if you pay late.


Why don't we offer "pro-rata" or "rolling" memberships?

One of the main benefits of ISAPS membership is the significant discount that we offer to members for our annual international conference/Congress registration. We can only afford to offer this discount to members who have paid their full fee. If we were to offer lower membership fee to members renewing for only part of the year, they would get the same reward (lower fees for Congress registration) as members who have paid the full fee. This wouldn't be fair to the members who fully commit to our Society and pay their full membership fee.

This rule was most recently upheld by a decison of our Board of Directors in Spring 2022.

Renew your ISAPS Membership today

Detailed Instructions for Paying For Your ISAPS Membership

1. Login via our membership portal at

2. Click the 'View Membership' button on the left

3. Click the 'ISAPS Membership' button under 'Membership Store'

4. Select the preferred ISAPS membership for 2022 (Do not select the 'Payment by Wire Transfer' box if paying by credit card)

5. Tick the 'I have read and I accept the Terms and Conditions' box

6. Click the button on the next page for the method (we recommend paying by Credit Card)

7. Tick the ‘Click to Enrol in Auto-Renew’ check box to automatically renew your membership next year.

8. Complete all the payment details on the next page

9. Then click the 'Pay' button at the bottom of the page