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Our Programs

ISAPS delivers and promotes a range of educational and humanitarian programs for members to get involved in. Discover more about these programs below.

ISAPS Fellowship Program

The ISAPS Fellowship Program is designed for a stay of three months for ISAPS Resident and Associate members. The intention is to get an intensive training in a broader field of aesthetic surgery.

ISAPS Expert Program

The ISAPS Expert Program offers ISAPS Resident members the opportunity to attend a specialized intensive one-on-one training program with a long-serving ISAPS member who is recognized as being a leader in their field.

ISAPS Mentor Program

There are many situations during one’s career where we can benefit from a mentor’s wisdom. Find out more on the ISAPS Mentor Program page.

ISAPS Visiting Professor Program

The ISAPS Visiting Professor Program provides intensive, hands-on training for residents. Additionally, this program enables faculty to present lectures to larger audiences while they are on a visit.

Humanitarian Programs

ISAPS promotes reconstructive surgery missions all around the world. If you can support vital humanitarian efforts, get involved with one of these incredible programs.